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How to Create an Effective Link Building Strategy?

Jan 28

The creation of links or Link Building is the technique of creating external links for a domain in order to generate web authority. It is one of the most important techniques in SEO, and although it is true that it is not the only one, since there are many others that are as necessary as link building, we must not lose sight of it.

It is essential to get your web project to increase its visibility and be placed in the highest positions in Google rankings. Especially since it will also lead to an increase in the number of customers. Learn more about search engines and how they work in this other article; Why Search Engine Optimization, Keyword Research, and SEO Really Matter (YO).

But let's start with the basics, do you know what it is to implement a link building strategy? If you are one of those who are still unaware or skeptical about the different techniques you can apply to position your business above your competitors, this is because you have not yet decided to take the leap with your own link building strategy. .

In fact, if there are many companies that are reluctant to invest in SEO or in an SEO consultant, it is for two reasons: either they do not know all its advantages, or they do not have the necessary tools to take advantage of them. It is true that, as with any strategy, link building takes time to see results. However, once you start and plant the seed, all the hard work will pay off.

But besides finding the best ways of link building, you should also take care of your links by controlling them. To do that, you can use the best link tracker platform, Links Guardian, that will allow you to have control over your links and react fast in case of any change.

Why don't you need to leave the Lions behind?

Before we get into it, let's review one of our favorite SEO anecdotes. This will help us understand the importance of web positioning and this type of action, especially when creating a link building strategy.

Two men are walking through an African game reserve when they come across a lion, one of the men calmly puts down his backpack and slips on the sneakers he's been wearing. The other laughs and says: "You will never escape from a lion." To which the other man calmly replies, "I don't need to outrun the lion, I just have to outrun you."

SEO, contrary to popular belief, is not about “beating Google” or “figuring out their code puzzles”, it is about beating web pages that are competing for the same keywords that are important to your business. For this you will need to use different programs that help you to this end. If you don't know any yet, don't miss Google Tools for Keyword Research.