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Jan 14

While dealing with a research company, among the things you have to look for is the nature of their customer service experience. The quality of the experience enables you to know if the research company will offer the proper guidance at all times through to the research completion. Slice MR is a qualified and experienced quantitative research company that offers reliable Panel Provider market research services. We build surveys, collect the required respondents and process the data to give you a meaningful result and value. Our quality data puts you in a better position to make the right decision regarding your business. 

We provide you with advanced reporting and analysis.

The essence of research is to collect data that helps the company or business undertake the various processes or activities that pushed them to do the research in the first place. At Slice MR, we provide advanced Quantitative Research Providers reporting and analysis, enabling you to get up-to-date information as the research progresses. We give you a live report link with raw data files like Excel and SPSS, which keeps you informed in real time. 

We offer additional research services.

A lot goes into research, and working with a professional that gives you the best service option is the best way to complete your research. At Slice MR, we provide you with a wide variety of Online Panels, all aimed at making you have a stress-free research process. Our additional services include cross-tabs, open-end coding, translations, and research reports. We are with you all through the research, making sure that nothing gets left to chance to get you an impeccable service that serves your research needs. 

We offer survey recruitment services.

At Slice MR, we provide you with a vast global market research panel and API networks ready to participate in B2B, consumer, and healthcare surveys. We have superior Online Panel Companies insights, which get sourced from various sources such as robust panel management techniques, expert recruitment methods, and in-depth security protocols. 

We focus significantly on all aspects.

During the research process, we focus on various aspects to ensure you get a quality service. We focus on customer service, data quality, speed, sample reach, and transparency. The various aspects together put us better placed to deliver excellent service. Call today and have a quick and seamless research process and be accurate.

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