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Branded Cool Bag

Nov 16

How to use branded cool bag to promote your brands

Proper Logo Placement

Always choose the side with the highest visibility for company info and logo placement for your branded cool bag. You have two options: printing your logo or embroidering it. It doesn't matter what the bag is used for, everyone will see it.

All levels of versatility

Extra sling straps, detachable handles and secret compartments are all ways to make our product stand apart. A regular, single-compartment bag with zipper is still useful. Some complexity is always a good thing.

Variation Is Key

Branded Cool Bag can be either long or short, narrow or wide, rectangular or cylindrical. Cooler bags come in many designs and it is important that we offer our clients a variety. We should consider new designs for each business season if possible.

Cooler Bags: Where, When, and How to Give

Here are some basic tips on how to distribute custom branded cooler bags.

  • Trade shows are a great place to sell them
  • These can be used as giveaways
  • These can be used to gift them to colleges and schools that the company has a relationship with.
  • As a loyalty reward, give them to clients and long-term workers
  • You can give them as gifts, or you can sell them for a very low price at key speaking events.


Promotion of our brand right with custom cooler bags

Branded Cool bags don't look like other products. They offer more benefits than we may think. We recommend that you  order a few custom-printed cooler bags as soon possible.