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Where can I get Binance Futures Signals to improve my Crypto Trading?

Jan 21

If you are looking for professional binance trading signals please go to this page:

The purpose of technical analysis is to predict or anticipate an asset's price movements based on its past movements.

This is done with mathematical instruments. 

However, these movements have a common denominator: man. Man, unlike mathematics, is a source of chance in this kind of study. Man is not rational in all his decisions. However, it is man who determines whether or not the value of the good (and thus its fluctuation) depends on many factors specific to each individual.

While technical analysis is thus based on elements of the exact sciences, it remains only a fallible decision-making tool. So it is closer to the human sciences, since it is basically based on statistics about human behavior.

We try to figure out what goes on in the minds of buyers and sellers. As in other human sciences, we don't solve problems, we don't claim much, but we try to find elements that can eliminate a large number of hypotheses.

Some traders offer services with which they point you to a potential crypto trade.

You usually receive the trading signals via a chat app, such as Discord or Telegram. Turn on your notifications so you don't miss a trading opportunity.

The message contains instructions on when to buy and sell and why you should follow this trade.

It is nice that there are people who tell you that there are trading opportunities, but of course you prefer to spot these opportunities yourself. That is also possible, but then you need knowledge of technical analysis.

Cryptonite and AllesOverCrypto also do this. As you've seen in the examples before, they look at the chart and other indicators. To the trading volume and to the order books, for example.

This seems very simple, but it is not. In a crypto course like Cryptonite there are several hours of videos about technical analysis.

In short, technical analysis is a method to switch off your feelings. You need that, because if you start acting on the basis of emotion, things often go wrong.