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Crypto Masterclass Review 2022

Dec 12

In this Crypto Masterclass review we will go into what you will learn as deeply as possible, without giving too much away. The course consists of 7 modules that we will discuss in detail later. Keep in mind that you can spend about a day on each module. The last module takes a little more time and we advise you to really take your time for this.

As the name of the course already reveals, this is a course especially for people who want to start trading cryptocurrency. Think of how you can buy cryptocurrency, which security measures you have to take, how you can be paid out and how you can trade. Also check out our beginner's guide to buying cryptocurrency here. The course of these gentlemen is of course a lot more extensive.

Cover of the beginners courseDerek and Patrick show through training videos, texts and ebooks all the steps you need to go through to get started with cryptocurrency. After purchasing the course you get lifetime access to all videos, blogs and bonuses. This allows you to schedule your own time when you want to learn.

The course consists of an introduction, seven learning modules, bonus lessons and a final exam. In between you can test your own knowledge by taking a quiz. That way you can test yourself whether you have mastered everything. Only when you have 70% correct can you continue with the course, so you really have to learn something! Read the Crypto Masterclass review quickly to find out how the course is structured.


The crypto course is on-demand and you can decide for yourself when you start learning. So you can also decide to watch a video again to let it sink in. First you are welcomed by the students Derek and Patrick, after that the real training starts.

The costs for the Cryptocurrency Course are temporarily € 997. Normally the total package costs € 1997, but AllesOverCrypto now has a temporary discount. In addition, you now also get more than € 700 in bonus material completely free. The costs are reasonable if you consider what you get in return. After all, it is an investment in yourself and can lead to more profit. If your goal is to at least recoup costs with crypto trading, you will probably have it quickly.

When buying the Cryptocurrency Course you can claim a refund 14 days after purchase. So if you don't like the course at all, you can send an email and you will immediately receive your money back. Investing in the course is therefore risk-free and you can always claim your money back.

We have agreed with AllesOverCrypto that CryptoTips readers will receive an extra € 5 discount on top of the € 1000 discount that AllesOverCrypto gives. With the discount code below you will immediately receive a 5 euro discount.

The Cryptocurrency Course from AllesOverCrypto is perfectly suited for new people who want to learn more about crypto. It is explained in clear and understandable language and visualized by means of video support. For people who have no technical experience, we think it is fairly easy to follow the videos and perform the steps. It is simply mimicking the steps you see in the video.

The cryptocurrency course fees are relatively high, but worth it if you want to learn more about crypto and learn the basics about trading. The part that we are not happy about is module 4: ICOs. In our opinion, this part can be removed or may be updated.

The bonus material gives enough extras and ensures that the course is worth € 997. In addition, the money-back guarantee gives you enough confidence to buy the training risk-free.

In addition, you will receive lifelong support and free help from one of the mentors. The world of cryptocurrency is changing rapidly and information does not stay up to date for long. Once you have purchased the program, you will receive all updates completely free of charge.